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How do I see query parameters in my reports?

By default, Urchin 6 doesn't show query parameters in most content reports. The parameters are only shown in a single report called the Page Query Terms report (Content Optimization - Content Performance - Page Query Terms). This is a slight problem for dynamic sites that rely on query parameters for unique pages. Thankfully this can be fixed with the addition of a simple filter.

The address of any web page can be separated into different parts. Have a look at the following URL:


Hostname: www.mysite.com
The domain of the website

Request Stem: /products.php
The section of the URL immediately following the hostname, ending before the question mark or hash symbol (? or #)

Request Query: q=24
The section of the URL to the right of the question mark or hash symbol, consisting of "name=value" pairs. These pairs are also called query parameters or URL parameters.

Request URI: /products.php?q=24
The combination of request stem and request query.

To see the full Request URI in your reports instead of just the Request Stem, create the filter below:

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