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Urchin 6.5 Unleashed to Masses

Unbelievable! After almost 3 years of silence, we've seen four versions of Urchin 6 launched in the nine months. Urchin 6.400 was followed by 2 point releases (.01 and .02) in summer 2008, and December saw the launch of 6.5.

The new release fixes a few persistent bugs (like the previously-ignored db row limit setting), adds an updated geolocation file, and an AdWords cost data import utility! This long-awaited feature automatically downloads cost data from any AdWords account and makes it available to any profile in Urchin. It's called the "CPC Source Manager" and we've played around with it a little bit -- it works, although the naming convention is obscure and it would be cool if date ranges were handled a little differently.

If you haven't seen Urchin 6 in action and would like to check out some of the features, there's a 30 minute Urchin webinar offered by Actual Metrics. You can also download a 30 day trial version of Urchin 6.5 at: www.urchin.com

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