Urchin was canceled in 2012.
Angelfish Software replaces Urchin!
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Urchin Support Plans

Managed Urchin Services

Actual Metrics provides Managed Urchin services which allow you to have reliable data at your fingertips without having to worry about managing Urchin yourself. In general, with Actual Metrics' Managed Urchin, you need not worry about any of the technical aspects of Urchin - your data is collected, processed, and made available to your users. We will maintain the Urchin instance and make sure everything is running smoothly, allowing you to use your time to do what's important: analyze the Urchin data.

What we provide

As part of the managed Urchin service, Actual Metrics will:

  • Provide a hosted Urchin installation. Your account will be separate and accessible only by you and your users.
  • Manage collection and storage of tracking data.
  • Process collected data into Urchin reports.
  • Handle any technical issues that arise.
  • Make sure your reports are available for analysis.

What you need to do

All that is required on your end is to install the Urchin JavaScript tracking code we provide onto each page of your site (or in a global include). Once the JavaScript is properly installed, your site will be tracked!


  • No Urchin management experience necessary.
  • No separate hardware or storage costs.
  • Ability to reprocess data
  • Track campaigns, conversions, ecommerce, clickpaths, any many other metrics provided by Urchin!

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