Urchin was canceled in 2012.
Angelfish Software replaces Urchin!
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Urchin Support Plans

Toolbelt for Urchin

The Toolbelt is an addon for Urchin 6 and provides a set of utilities that reduce the time it takes to perform administrative tasks. Ideal for large environments, the Toolbelt helps you quickly recover from processing errors or data outages. Features include:

Profile Management
Run all profiles at once with a single click! Change processing start times, time zones, data archive settings, and more. Also includes the ability to create or delete profiles in bulk.
User Management
Allows you to change passwords in bulk, and to create or delete large groups of users with a simple text file.
UTM Spider
Point the UTM Spider to a website and it will scan all pages for UTM code and variable settings. The UTM Spider can also be scheduled to crawl sites at regular intervals.
Unused profiles, filters, log sources, and data files clutter large Urchin environments. The Housekeeper helps you identify and delete these unused elements, which keeps your Urchin environment neat & tidy!
Config Backup/Restore
Automatically backup the Urchin configuration to a text file at scheduled intervals, or restore a previous config right from the admin interface. This utility also backs up custom report sets, data maps, cobranding, and other customizations.
404 to 200
If your __utm.gif file is missing, Urchin will ignore the logs hits due to the 404 status code. Change the status code back to 200 and "recover" your missing data with this utility.

At Actual Metrics, we're Urchin administrators too. We've been working with Urchin Software since 2004 and have seen a lot of different scenarios in every industry. The Toolbelt is the result of 5+ years of saying "wouldn't it be nice if you could do [a desired task] with less clicks?"

Urchin and OS Requirements

  • Urchin 6.6 or later
  • Linux 2.6 Kernel (32-bit) or Windows 2000/2003/2008
  • 50 MB available disk space


The Toolbelt is licensed on an annual, per installation basis. Current pricing is $999 for the first year and $799 each year thereafter, and includes all software updates.

Toolbelt Trial

If you'd like to give the Toolbelt for Urchin a closer look, a 15 day demo version is available. Please fill out the demo request form and we'll send you download information and installation instructions.