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Convert 404 status codes to 200

Config Backup/Restore

With the 404to200 component, easily convert all 404 status codes for __utm.gif hits to 200 so Urchin will process them.

When would I use this?

Occasionally, the __utm.gif file is not in the correct location, or the tracking code is not configured properly, resulting a series of __utm.gif hits in a log with 404 status codes. Urchin will ignore any hit with an error status code, so you will not see any data in your reports for that particular site. This script corrects this by converting all 404 status codes for __utm.gif requests to 200 so that Urchin will record the visit information.

How does it work?

From the interface, simply select the file on the server you wish to convert, select your settings, and click Run. The addon will create a new modified log file, leaving the original in tact. Alternately, run the addon from the command line, specifying the appropriate parameters.