Urchin hasn't been updated since 2012.
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Urchin Support Plans

Configuration Backup and Restore

Config Backup/Restore

Easily back up your Urchin configuration and customizations to a file that can be restored at any time. Run this utility from the command line to create a restore point each night. With the Configuration Backup/Restore component, backup and restore:

  • Urchin Configuration (Profiles, Filters, Users, etc...)
  • Cobrand Files
  • Custom Dictionaries
  • Custom Lookup Tables
  • Custom Log Formats
  • Custom Field List
  • Custom Profile Types
  • Custom Datamaps
  • Custom Report Sets

Choose what to backup and what to restore each time, eliminating the items of lesser importance. Great for moving or upgrading your Urchin installation.

Schedule Configuration Backup

Using the built-in Toolbelt Scheduler, set the Configuration Backup to run at the specified interval. Now, you no longer need to worry about a corrupt Urchin install since you know regular backups are being made.