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Urchin Support Plans

Profile Management

Profile ManagementThe Profile Management component allows managing many profiles much easier. Quickly update profiles' settings with the click of a button. Need to change the run time for some profiles or run all profiles right now? - this add-on makes it easier to do so. No longer do you have to go into the settings for each individual profile to make the same change you're making to all of them - save valuable time by using this addon. Simply select the profiles which you wish to change, select the action, enter the new value, and click Update.

Profile Management

  • Set Daily Run Time
  • Run All Profiles

Reporting Settings

  • Parallel Log Processing (on|off)
  • Time Offset (gmt|local)
  • Time Zone/GMT Offset
  • Organic Keywords Match
  • Pageview MIMES match
  • Page Parameters match
  • Downloads match

Storage/DB Settings

  • Keep Raw Tracking Data (on|off)
  • Log Tracking (on|off)
  • Auto Rollback DB (on|off)
  • Create Backups (on|off)
  • Clean Backups (on|off)
  • Create Archive DB (on|off)
  • Set number of months to archive after
  • Set number of backups to keep


  • Add a list of profiles from a file
  • Mass Delete Profiles and Data
  • Export Profile List