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Urchin Support Plans

UTM Spider

UTM SpiderUTM Spider component allows you to scan an entire domain for UTM tracking code, both ga.js and urchin.js. The code will scan all pages on a domain, looking for parameters that you specify for either code version. If a problem is found, it is listed on the final report which is emailed upon completion.

Click here to see a sample report.

Bulk Update
Check urchin.js for:

  • _uacct
  • _uhash
  • _ulink
  • _udn
  • _ugifpath
  • _userv
  • urchinTracker()

Check ga.js for:

  • _gat._getTracker
  • _setAllowHash
  • _setAllowLinker
  • _setDomainNames
  • _setLocalGifPath
  • _setLocalRemoteServerMode
  • _setLocalServerMode
  • _setRemoteServerMode
  • _trackPageview()

Schedule UTM Spider

Use the built-in scheduler to schedule the UTM Spider to run at a specified frequency. Now, you can frequently check your site's UTM code and be automatically email reports about its status!