Urchin was canceled in 2012.
Angelfish Software replaces Urchin!
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Urchin 6 Help Articles

Here you will find Urchin 6 Help Articles.

About Urchin 6

Description of how Urchin 6 functions and some of its distinctive features.

Hosting Urchin 6

Information on where to host Urchin software if not on your internal network.

Installing Urchin 6

Guides you through installing Urchin 6 and its prerequisites.

Configuring Urchin 6

Basic Urchin 6 configuration, including setting up profiles, filters, log sources, CPC sources, and users.


How to process profiles in Urchin 6.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Urchin 6 configuration and processing.

Interpreting Reports

How to read and interpret Urchin 6 reports.


Lookup an error code you're receiving or reset a pre-purchased license.

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