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Urchin Support Plans

Urchin 6.6 AdWords Integration

Urchin 6.6 contains many new features that allow for tighter integration with your Google AdWords account.

Budget Alerts

Receive an alert when an AdWords campaign is close to using all of its allotted budget.

Keyword Generation Tool

Allows you to generate keywords applicable to your website and test their projected performance and budget information. Also, add and remove keywords from your existing AdWords campaigns.

Direct Link to AdWords

If your AdWords login information is stored within Urchin, quickly navigate to the correct page within your AdWords account by clicking on a button with Urchin, entirely bypassing the AdWords authentication system.

Urchin Tag Manager

Automatically inserts the dynamic keyword insertion tag {keyword} into ad destination URLs so that cost data may be accurately linked to traffic.

AdWords Optimizer

Use Urchin to optimize your AdWords campaign, then easily apply changes in your AdWords account

Copy Campaign Tool

Copy keyword campaigns from other campaigns or ad networks (i.e. Yahoo Search Marketing) into AdWords.


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