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Urchin 6.6 Data Extraction API

Urchin 6.6 includes a new Data Extraction API, allowing you to retrieve Urchin reporting data via SOAP 1.x or REST protocols.

Get List of Accounts and Profiles

Using the API, you may return a feed of all accounts and profiles that exist in the Urchin instance. Previously, this could only be done by querying the Urchin database directly.

Get List of All Tables

A request may be made to the API to retrieve a list of all tables contained in the reporting database for a profile. Also, for each table, the dimensions and metrics available are given, allowing you to see what data may be requested from each table.

Request Any Data from Tables

With previous data extraction scripts, only complete reports could be requested. With the new Data Extraction API in Urchin 6.6, any dimension/metric combination may be requested from any table.

Download Urchin 6.6

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