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Urchin Support Plans

New Reports in Urchin 6.6

With the advent of Urchin 6.6, new reports and reporting features were added to Urchin. NOTE: Historical data will not be seen in these reports unless data is reprocessed.

Rollup Report

The home page (the page first seen after logging in) now includes aggregated metrics for each profile (Time on Site, Visits, etc.) as well as the status from its last processing run. Metrics may be seen for the current day, previous week, month, and year.

Advertiser View and Advertisement Optimization Reporting Sections

A profile template has been created containing reports designed for advertisers. Also, an additional section of reports, Advertisement Optimization, has been added.

Time on Site

Finally, the ability to see the length of time users spend on your sites. Located under Content Optimization >> Content Performance >> Engagement Metrics

Performance Comparison

Compare campaign, keyword, and content performance across multiple sources/mediums (e.g. Google [CPC] vs Yahoo [organic]). Located in Advertisement Optimization >> Marketing Campaign Results.

CPC Structure

Analyze your campaigns with a drilldown tree structure. Located in Advertisement Optimization.

Campaign View

Displays paid UTM campaign information (Google and Yahoo).

Keywords View

Displays paid keywords information


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