Urchin was canceled in 2012.
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Urchin Support Plans

Command Line Data Extraction from Urchin 6

As of version 6.4.02, Urchin ships with a utility to extract data from the command line (utils/u6data_extractor). The utility accepts the following parameters:

  • --begin YYYYMMDD: specifies the starting date (default: one week ago)
  • --end YYYYMMDD: specifies the ending date (default: yesterday)
  • --help: displays this message
  • --language LA: specifies the language for the report. Available languages are: ch, en, fr, ge, it, ja, ko, po, sp, and sw
  • --max N: is the maximum number of entries printed in the top 10 report types (default is 10).
  • --profile PROFILE: specifies the profile to retrieve data from. The default is specified at the beginning of this script
  • --report RRRR: is the 4-digit number for the report (default is 1102).
  • --urchinpath PATH: specifies the path to the Urchin distribution. Note that you can edit the script and set your path as a default

All reports in the default report set are available for exporting. Open path/to/urchin/lib/reporting/profiletypes/Default/default.rs2 and look at the values in the first column to get the 4-digit report ID.