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Move Urchin 6 Data Directory

By default, Urchin 6 stores all processed data files in path/to/urchin/data. If you wish to change this location for any reason, follow these simple steps:

  1. Stop the Urchin web services
    • /path/to/urchin/bin/urchinctl stop, OR
    • Start >> Program Files >> Urchin 6 >> Disable Urchin Services
  2. Uncomment the following line from path/to/urchin/etc/urchin.conf by removing the #: #dataDirectory: ./data/
  3. Change './data/' to the new location, i.e. F:\Urchin\Data\ (NOTE: Be sure to leave a trailing slash)
  4. If any data has been processed with Urchin up to this point, make sure to copy it all from path/to/urchin/data to the new location. Rename the old directory to 'data-BAK' or something similar. You may delete it after you are sure everything is working properly.
  5. Restart Urchin services
    • /path/to/urchin/bin/urchinctl start, OR
    • Start >> Program Files >> Urchin 6 >> Enable Urchin Services
  6. Log into Urchin as admin. You may be presented with the "License Urchin" screen. If so, click "Reactivate License".