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Configuring Urchin 6

Choose a topic below for basic configuration instructions:


Profiles are the basic unit of reporting for sites. In most cases, a separate profile is created for each site you wish to track, however in some instances, a site may have multiple profiles.


Create a filter to determine what traffic should be used in the report or to manipulate fields for a UTM hit.

Log Sources

Log sources are used to identify the log files that are to be processed. Point a log source to a single log or to a certain set of logs, then attach the log source to a profile. When the profile runs, it will process the log files in each log source.

CPC Sources

Use CPC sources to download data directly from a Google AdWords account

User Management

Manage accounts, users, and groups as well as their permissions.

Tracking Methods

Compares Urchin UTM and IP+User Agent tracking methods.