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Configuring CPC Sources in Urchin 6

With the release of version 6.5.00, Urchin has the ability to automatically download and process Adwords CPC data. The process varies from that of Google Analytics, but isn't difficult to set up. Follow the following simple steps to start importing your Adwords CPC data:

  1. Create a CPC Source
    In the configuration area of Urchin, choose Urchin Profiles >> CPC Source Manager. Click the Add button in the top-right of the box. In the pop-up, enter the requestion information. The only required fields are CPC Source Name, email for the Adwords account, and password. Test the CPC Source before clicking finish to ensure Urchin is able to connect to Adwords.
  2. Add CPC Source to Profiles
    You can either add the CPC Source to multiple profiles via the Profiles tab in the CPC Source's settings, or add multiple CPC Sources to a single profile via the CPC Source tab in a profile's settings.
  3. Schedule the CPC Source
    Unlike Log Sources, CPC Sources downloads must be scheduled separately from profiles in order to allow enough time for the data to be downloaded before it is processed. To do this, go into the CPC Source's settings and click the Schedule tab. Here you will see two settings:
    • Schedule - Download Interval
      The time to wait after requesting the report before checking for its availability and downloading it.
    • Download - Hour of the Day
      The hour of the day to download the report.

    It may take up to 30 minutes for a CPC report to become available from Adwords. So, to be safe, the Download Interval should be set to 30 minutes.

If you have additional questions about CPC Sources in Urchin 6, please contact Actual Metrics.