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Urchin 6 Tracking Methods

Urchin 6 allows for two types of tracking methods: IP+UA (IP + User Agent) and UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor).

IP+UA (IP+User Agent)
When reading a log source, the IP+UA method identifies each session using a combination of the IP Address and the User Agent from each log entry. This method is great for analyzing historic log files in which the UTM method was not used, however it is not he preferred method of tracking.

UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor)
The UTM tracking method is the preferred method for tracking sessions to a website. This method requires installing a small bit of JavaScript code on every page of your website. If the given site is currently using Google Analytics, that same code may be used with just one minor modification.

IP+UA/UTM Comparison

Capabilities IP+UA UTM
Identifies non-proxied sessions
Identifies some proxied sessions
Uniquely identifies every session and visitor
Defeats browser caching
Defeats session IP proxying
Defeats most provider caching
Records full clickpaths
Records visitor loyalty data
Records browser capabilities

Installing basic UTM Tracking Code
Click here for help setting up the UTM JavaScript tracking code.