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Urchin 6 Database Setup

The following will help guide you through setting up the database required to store to the Urchin 6 configuration data. You may use one of the following free database types (be sure to set up as a transaction database):

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

NOTE: Microsoft SQL is not supported. Please read this article for more information.

MySQL is available in both a Free Community Version and a paid version. For Urchin 6, the free version works just fine.

  1. Download from: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/
  2. Follow installation instructions on MySQL website
  3. Open MySql
    • Windows: Start >> Programs >> MySQL >> MySQL Server >> MySQL Command Line Client
    • Linux: From terminal, type: mysql -u root -p
  4. Create database: create database urchin character set utf8;
  5. Create Urchin user: GRANT ALL ON urchin.* to 'urchin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '[password]';

PostgreSQL is also available for free.

  1. Download from: http://www.postgresql.org/
  2. Follow installation instructions on PostgreSQL website
  3. Open PostgreSQL: psql -U pgsql -d postgres
  4. Create database: CREATE DATABASE urchin WITH ENCODING 'UTF8';
  5. Create Urchin user:

    postgres=# CREATE USER urchin WITH PASSWORD '[password]';
    postgres=# GRANT ALL ON DATABASE urchin TO urchin;
    postgres=# \connect urchin;