Urchin hasn't been updated since 2012.
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Urchin Support Plans

Urchin 6 Licensing

Urchin 6 licenses are available for purchase through Actual Metrics!

What you get

  • An all-inclusive application. Urchin 5 required additional components to be purchased, but with Urchin 6, all components are bundled into one package.
  • Free minor updates -- any 6.* updates
  • Centralized software solution - all data is kept safe in the privacy of your own internal environment.

$2,995.00 one time. No required support or maintenance fees.

How to I purchase an Urchin 6 license?
Click here to buy now!

Have an Urchin 5 license? You can apply what you paid for Urchin 5 toward the price of Urchin 6!

Site Licensing
Urchin 6 site licenses are available. Contact Actual Metrics for more information.

Is support available?
Yes! Support is offered through Actual Metrics as a Google Urchin Client Services & Support Partner!
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