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Upgrading to Urchin 6 from Urchin 5

Since the release of Urchin 5 in May 2008, customers have been slowly making the switch to Urchin 6 - Urchin 6 has many enhancements over Urchin 5. Follow the steps below to get Urchin 6 setup and migrate your configuration and data from Urchin 5.

  1. Download and Install Urchin 6.
  2. Migrate Configuration Data
  3. Migrate Customizations
  4. Migrate Profile Data

1. Download and Install Urchin 6

Follow steps 1-5 here: http://www.urchintools.com/urchin6/installation

2. Migrate Configuration Data

First, export your Urchin 5 configuration data by running the following command:
path/to/urchin5/util/uconf-export -f <u5 output file>. Where <u5 output file> is the file you wish to have created with the configuration backup.

Then, import this configuration into Urchin 6 using the following:
path/to/urchin6/util/uconf2sql -f <u5 output file>. Where <u5 output file> is the file created by the uconf-export utility.

3. Migrate Customizations

If any customizations where made in path/to/urchin5/lib/custom (with the exception of the profiletypes directory), they will need to be copied to the same location in the Urchin 6 custom directory. If any custom profile types or custom reports were created for your Urchin 5 instance, they will need to be created from scratch in Urchin 6, as this reporting interface is different between the versions.

4. Migrate Profile Data

If you still have the original webserver log files that were used to process the data in Urchin 5, we recommend just reprocessing those same logs in Urchin 6 using the IP+User Agent tracking method. However, if this is not possible, run the following command to migrate your processed data from Urchin 5 to Urchin 6:
path/to/urchin6/util/convert-u5data -c <Path to Urchin 5 installation>. To see all other options, run the utility with the -h flag.

NOTE: To have a better chance of running the data conversion utility without a hitch, make sure that any archived (zipped) data files in path/to/urchin5/data/reports are unzipped and the original zips removed from that directory. If any zip files are encountered, the utility will stop.


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