Urchin was canceled in 2012.
Angelfish Software replaces Urchin!
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Urchin Support Plans

Interpreting Urchin 6 Reports

(other) in Reports

Learn about what "(other)" means in your reports and how to get rid of it.

"Why does my Urchin and Google Analytics data differ?"

Explains why your Google Analytics metrics differ from those shown by Urchin.

"Why isn't average time displayed correctly in excel?"

Explains what Urchin does to Average Time metrics when exported and how to view these properly.

Differences between Urchin and Google Analytics

Explains (more technically) why stats may differ between Urchin and Google Analytics.

"Why is visit count in Top Content different than Visits & Pageview tracking?"

Describes why the total number of visits reported in this two reports differ.

Absolute Unique Visitors vs. New/Returning Visitors Reports

Explains the difference between the Absolute Unique Visitor Report and New vs. Returning Vistors Report.