Urchin hasn't been updated since 2012.
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Urchin Support Plans

Urchin 6 Troubleshooting

Urchin 6 Error Lookup

Look up errors you've received while attempting to process profiles or throughout the Urchin interface.

Trouble Activating License

If you're attempting to install Urchin and are having difficulties activating your pre-purchased license, it may need to be reset.

Reset Admin Password

If your admin password was lost or forgotten, here are instructions for resetting it.

Request Urchin 6 Serial Code Reset

Fill out this form to request a serial code reset for your Urchin 6 installation.

Remove a Stuck or Pending Task

If you have a task in Urchin 6 that is stuck or is continuously pending, following these instructions to remove it.

Urchin Randomly Shuts Off Every 10-15 Minutes

This often occurs when Urchin is installed side-by-side with cpanel. See this section for possible solutions.

No Pages Showing in Content Reports other than /

A recent change in GA.js hosted by Google causes pages not to be shown in the Urchin content reports.

"Why is Bing traffic showing as a referral instead of an organic search?"

The recently deployed Microsoft search engine, Bing, is showing as referral traffic instead of as an organic search. Here's how to fix it.