Urchin hasn't been updated since 2012.
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Urchin Support Plans

Urchin Licensing Error


  • Receive the following error above when attempting to activate a purchased license

    Urchin Licensing Center -- Error!
    An error has occurred during your transaction, please use the back button and correct the problem.

    The serial code and key code versions do not correspond.
    Please contact Technical Support for further assistance.

  • Receive a notice that "License is Currently Active"
  • Receive a blank page during license activation



  1. Make a backup of the configuration:

    mysqldump -u <user> -p <urchindb> uglobals > output.sql.

    Where <user> is the user Urchin uses to access the database and <urchindb> is the name of the Urchin database. You will be prompted for that user's password.
  2. Log into the Urchin database and type the following command to set the serial:

    UPDATE uglobals SET ucgl_serial='<purchased serial>';

    This is your purchased Urchin serial that will be used to generate your license.
  3. Then, type this SQL command to clear the license:

    UPDATE uglobals SET ucgl_license="";

    This being cleared, Urchin will be forced to generate a new license from your purchased serial.
  4. Get a new license from Urchin. Run:

    /path/to/urchin/util/ugetlicense (Linux), OR
    C:\path\to\urchin\util\ugetlicense.exe (Windows).

    Urchin will reach out to Google's servers to verify the serial and install a new license.
  5. Restart Urchin Services