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Why Isn't Average Time Displayed Correctly in Excel?

When exporting a given report to a TSV, XML, or CSV file, all "Average Time" metrics are returned as seconds (a decimal). If viewing this in excel, the average time will not look the same as it would in Urchin. For example, Urchin may show an Average Time on Page as 00:00:34. After exporting, this value will be just 34 (there may be a decimal value as well if any rounding was performed).

To convert the seconds value to hh:mm:ss format in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Add an additional column to the end of the report. Name it "Average Time Formatted" or something else appropriate.
  2. Edit the cell in the first row of this new column, making the formula:


    Where 'D2' should be replaced with the cell that contains the seconds value in the same row.
  3. Copy this cell and paste it into all other cells in the new column

Calculating Average Time in Excel


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