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Error 1923


Error 1923.Service Urchin 6 Webserver (Urchin6Webserver) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


  • Receive this error at the end of the Urchin installation, causing it to rollback
  • Installing on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.


  • User Account Control is enabled in Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, preventing the installer from installing the services.

Enabling SSL in Urchin

The below instructions describe how to enabling the Urchin webserver to use SSL. Before beginning, you must acquire a valid SSL Certificate either signed by a certificate authority or self-signed. Visit any of our sponsors below to purchase a signed SSL Certificate.

Hosting Urchin

If you do not wish to host Urchin 6 yourself, there are other web hosting options available. You may wish to have Urchin hosted by a hosting provider and manage it remotely, use an Urchin service provided by a host, or use the Managed Urchin solution provided by Actual Metrics. Whatever you decide on, it's important to be certain your Urchin installation is allotted the proper resources and given the appropriate maintenance attention to ensure your data is always available when you need it.

Managed Urchin Services

Actual Metrics provides Managed Urchin services which allow you to have reliable data at your fingertips without having to worry about managing Urchin yourself. In general, with Actual Metrics' Managed Urchin, you need not worry about any of the technical aspects of Urchin - your data is collected, processed, and made available to your users. We will maintain the Urchin instance and make sure everything is running smoothly, allowing you to use your time to do what's important: analyze the Urchin data.

Recommended Tools

We have reviewed and hand-picked these valuable tools to extend the usefulness of Urchin. Each of these tools is unique in its ability to integrate with Urchin or complement its offerings.

Try these tools today to increase ROI and more fully understand how visitors interact with your website.

Absolute Unique Visitors vs. New/Returning Visitors Reports

There has been some confusion as to the difference between the following two reports in Urchin 6:

  • Marketing Optimization - Unique Visitor Tracking - Absolute Unique Visitors
  • Marketing Optimization - Visitor Segment Performance - New vs. Returning

It appears as though the above two report on the same metrics, causing much confusion to the readers of the reports. It is quite the contrary, however - the two reports show different data about unique visitors to your site.

No Pages Showing in Content Reports other than /

If you use the Google-hosted ga.js version of the code to make GIF hits to your local webserver for processing in Urchin, you may have noticed that, recently, Urchin is not showing any pages other than / in the Top Content report or other Content reports within Urchin (look at 9/21/2009, for example). This is due to a change in ga.js which automatically encodes all query values, specifically the utmp value. If you use any version of urchin.js, this issue does not apply to you.

Update (20090924): Google has announced that Urchin 6.6.02 will contain a fix for this issue.

Urchin URL Builder

Fill in the form below and click the "Create URL" button beneath it. A new URL will be generated which you should use in your campaigns.

Direct Report Linking in Urchin

Urchin 6 allows for the configuration of profiles such that no login is required to view their reports. This concept is called Direct Linking within Urchin.

Security Warning: Enabling Direct Report Linking allows users to access reports without using the built-in session-based authentication with nothing more than the name of a profile.

Why is visit count in Top Content different than Visits & Pageview tracking?

Urchin users often notice that the number of visits reported under Marketing Optimization >> Unique Visitor Tracking >> Visits & Pageview Tracking is different than the total number of visits in Content Optimization >> Content Performance >> Top Content. This is because the two reports are actually reporting two separate metrics.