Compare Urchin to Google Analytics

Urchin was discontinued by Google in 2012, but here is the most recent comparison of features to Google Analytics.

Angelfish Software is a suitable replacement for Urchin.

Features Google Analytics Urchin Software Description
Self-Hosted Solution tick - GA is hosted by Google
Standalone Software -
tick Software is installed, configured, and managed in-house.
Track Unique Visitors tick tick Accurate visitor count
Import Historical Data - tick Process historical log files
Multiple Visitor Tracking Methods - tick JavaScript-based, IP + UA, etc
Number of Goals 20 4 Conversion activities per profile
OS Support N/A Some Urchin supports Windows and Linux
Date Range Comparison tick tick Compare data between 2 date ranges
View Full Visitor Clickpaths - tick See how individual visitors navigated your site.
AdWords Integration tick tick Google Analytics automatically imports AdWords cost data
Import Cost Data from other Engines - tick Yahoo, MSN, etc. cost data import
GeoLocation Reporting tick tick Learn where site visitors are physically located
Funnel Navigational Analysis tick tick Define a series of pages for visitors to follow
Visitor Segmentation tick tick Drill down into data on-the-fly
Track E-Mail, PPC, Other Marketing tick tick All online marketing can be tracked
Status & Error Code Reporting - tick Track which pages failed to open
Track Robots and Spiders - tick Track when your site is crawled
3rd Party Authentication Integration - tick Integrate Urchin 6 with your pre-existing authentication system
Benchmark Analysis tick - See how your site compares to others in your industry
Email Reports tick tick Schedule custom report emails (Urchin requires add'l development to accomplish)
E-Commerce Tracking tick tick Track your e-commerce sales
Advanced Segmentation tick - Create and analyze segments on the fly
Custom Reports tick tick Create customized reports (Urchin requires add'l development to accomplish)
Data API tick tick Extract data remotely using a 3rd party app.
Price Free $2,995
Pageview Fees None None Unlimited website visitors