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About Urchin Software

Prior to being acquired by Google, Urchin Software Corporation was a scrappy startup in San Diego that moved from web hosting into software.

Even though Google canceled Urchin in 2012, lots of companies still run Urchin internally. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Urchin Software, start here.

Urchin Software Discontinued

In January of 2012, Google announced development of Urchin Software would be discontinued. We were disappointed to hear the news, although we can’t say we were overly surprised. Google’s focus on Urchin dwindled in 2011, coinciding with the launch of a paid version of Google Analytics.

Urchin Web Hosting

Prior to the release of Google Analytics, Urchin was the standard web analytics package offered by web hosting companies.

Compare Urchin Software to Google Analytics

Urchin was summarily destroyed by Google in 2012, but here is the most recent comparison of features to Google Analytics.

Differences between Urchin and Google Analytics

A few times a month, we’re asked “why are my stats different between Urchin and Google Analytics?” If Urchin and GA are looking at the exact same data and there’s a numbers discrepancy, 95% of the time it’s caused by the visitor tracking method in use.