Urchin was canceled in 2012.
Angelfish Software replaces Urchin!
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Urchin Support Plans

Trouble Activating License

No Internet Connection

If you need to activate an Urchin 6 License, but your server does not have an internet connection, you will need to contact Actual Metrics to have a license manually generated for you. Before contacting us, be sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your MySQL or Postgres Urchin database.
  2. Execute the following command: update uglobals set ucgl_serial='<YOUR SERIAL>';
  3. Execute the inspector from urchin/util and save its output to a file.

With Internet Connection

If you are having trouble activating a purchased Urchin 6 license, it may need to be reset. There are a few cases when you may need a license reset. These include:

  • The Urchin server crashed and Urchin is being reinstalled.
  • The Urchin server was deprecated and Urchin is being installed on a new server.

If you fall into any of these situations, or think that you need a serial reset for any other reason, click here to request one.