Remove a Stuck or Pending Task


  • A task is “stuck” – it doesn’t appear to be doing anything more and fails to complete or error, OR
  • A task never changes from a “Pending” status to “Running”, OR
  • A task is running fine, but needs to be stopped for one reason or another.

Clearing the task

  1. Stop the Urchin web services
    • /path/to/urchin/bin/urchinctl stop, OR
    • Start >> Program Files >> Urchin 6 >> Disable Urchin Services
  2. Log into the Urchin mysql database
    From Command Line:
    mysql -u <user> -p<Password> <urchin database>

  3. Remove the appropriate task from the uprofiles_queue table. In most cases, you’ll want to clear out all tasks. Use the following command do to so:
    delete from uprofiles_queue;

  4. Navigate to path/to/urchin/data/reports/<account>/<profile> and delete the lock.udb file if it exists. Be sure to replace <account> and <profile> with their respective values.
  5. Restart Urchin services
    • /path/to/urchin/bin/urchinctl start, OR
    • Start >> Program Files >> Urchin 6 >> Enable Urchin Services