IP Address Regex Tester

Web analytics products like Urchin, Google Analytics, and Angelfish Software allow you to use IP addresses in filters to include/exclude traffic.

This tool creates a single regular expression that matches all IP addresses in a range.

Step 1

Enter the first IP address in the range. (e.g.

First IP Address:*

Step 2 (optional)

Enter the last IP address in the range. (e.g.
If field is blank, the tool will create regex for the IP address entered in step 1.

Last IP Address:

Step 3: Results

Copy and paste the results below into the "IP address" or "Filter Pattern" field of the "Create New Filter" page.

Parting Thoughts

It's a good idea to test all regex in a dev/test environment before applying them to your production reports.

If you want to see IP addresses in web analytics reports, use Angelfish Software