Urchin was canceled in 2012.
Angelfish Software replaces Urchin!
Learn more at angelfishstats.com

Urchin Support Plans

Urchin 6 Addons/Tools

Actual Metrics has developed a few tools to make Urchin management simpler.

Recommended Tools

A list of recommended tools you may use to complement Urchin and increase ROI.

Managed Urchin

Let someone else worry about running and maintaining your Urchin installation.

Urchin URL Builder

Use this tool to generate tagged URL for campaign tracking.

Request Urchin 6 Serial Code Reset

Fill out this form to request a serial code reset for your Urchin 6 installation.

Urchin Files

A collection of Urchin files available for download.

Suggest a Tool

Do you have a great idea for an Urchin tool? Something that would make everyday management easier? Fill out our form and tell us about it!

Download Urchin Software

Complete the form here to download a prior version of Urchin Software.