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About Urchin Software

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Urchin Software, start here.

UTM Code Installation

UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) code was first seen in Urchin Software, and it’s necessary for getting the most traffic data from your site’s visitors.

How to Move Urchin Software to a New Server

In the event that Urchin needs to be moved from one server to another, all the configuration and report data needs to be migrated.

How to Reset Urchin’s Admin Password

Misplacing the Urchin administrator password is never fun. The good news is it’s easy to reset.

Why is the Visit Count Different in Top Content?

Urchin users often notice that the number of visits reported under the Visits & Pageview Tracking report is different than the total number of visits in the Top Content report.

Remove a Stuck or Pending Task


  • A task is “stuck” – it doesn’t appear to be doing anything more and fails to complete or error
  • A task never changes from a “Pending” status to “Running”
  • A task is running fine, but needs to be stopped for one reason or another.